Do Silent Phone and ZRTP encrypt Touch-Tone keypad DTMF tones?

Yes. ZRTP encrypts all RTP traffic, including Touch-Tone keypad DTMF tones. DTMF tones are carried in the RTP media stream using methods defined by RFC 2833, embedded as special RTP payload types. We encrypt these along with the rest of the RTP media stream, which is important because people use DTMF tones to enter their credit card numbers when they call their bank, for example. 
There is a potential but unlikely problem with DTMF handling that has never been reported in Silent Phone. In unusual cases it is possible to send DTMF over the SIP channel. Some very old, non-standard SIP clients send it using a SIP INFO method - there is no RFC for this and it is discouraged strongly by the SIP standards community. There is also a new SIP extension (RFC 4730) known as KPML (Keypress Markup Language) which can be used to send DTMF over a SIP NOTIFY - but very few VoIP clients implement this yet, and the ones that do don’t seem to be using it, and can be easily configured to not use it. If you ever find a VoIP client that uses KPML, we recommend that you simply disable this feature and allow DTMF to be carried the traditional way in the RTP media stream. Note that all RTP media encryption protocols, not just ZRTP, would be equally affected by this problem if SIP is used to carry DTMF.

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  • 12-Jun-2017