Security Center: What is CIDS?

CIDS stands for Cellular Intrusion Detection System and it's an engine in charge of reporting alerts related to potential cellular security threats (called targets). These alerts refers to an event, happening on the carrier cellular network notified by the privacy meter, which is no related directly to a configuration task the user can change.
Currently, there are three Targets monitored by the Privacy Meter which can lead into alerts:

  • Received class 0 SMS: This type of SMSs are unusual and could indicate attempts to monitor cell phone locations.
  • Connection to cellular network with potential weak encryptions: There are certain cellular technologies whose encryption has been broken and is not therefore recommended for sensitive communications, such as GSM/GPRS. Although the downgrade to this technologies can be normal in certain areas of low coverage, is important users are aware about this and can take the decision to try to connect to different networks or avoid having sensitive communications through these networks.
  • Incoherent cell tower changes: there are certain behaviors of cell towers which can indicate potential risks of spoofing.

How can I turn off CIDS notifications?
Every time that CIDS detects a potential security threat (called target), it will show an alert in the form of a notification in your Blackphone2. Tapping on that notification will take you to the Privacy Meter list of tasks where you will be able to see more details about the CIDS alert that triggered the notification.
If you prefer to turn off this alerts just tap in the menu button in the top right of that screen (the 3 dots icon) to choose "Settings". Within that menu you will that the third option is a tick that controls CIDS notifications. Simply untick this option to turn off the notifications