GSC-100 Release Notes v 1.0.1

GoSilent Client Version 1.0.1

- Release Date - March 16,2018

Overview and features

This is the first release of the GoSilent Client (GSC). With this release, we support Ethernet tethering of devices (e.g., laptop, tablet, IOT widget) to the LAN port of the GSC. The GSC can be networked to WiFi or to Ethernet via the WAN port.

Features include:

- Device tethering via Ethernet to the GSC (LAN port).

- GSC connection to Internet via Wi-Fi (2.4GHz and 5GHz) or Ethernet (WAN port).

- Captive portal detection and authentication tool.

- Secure VPN connection to SilentEdge Cloud servers in Virginia, U.S. and London, U.K.

- Over the air (OTA) updates. UI notifications when updates are available.


- Not applicable for this first release.


- Not applicable for this first release

Known Issues

- Wi-Fi cannot connect to an Apple iPhone or iPad hotspot with an apostrophe in the SSID.

Work around: Change the name of your iPhone or iPad to a name that only has alphanumeric characters.  Instructions can be found here:

- Scanning for Wi-Fi networks will sometimes return the Wi-Fi network you are currently connect to or nothing.

Work around: Click the "refresh wifi" button, wait 5 seconds, and check to see if your Wi-Fi network appears in the "Wi-Fi Network Name" drop down. Repeat the work around steps if you still do not see your local Wi-Fi network.


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  • 24-May-2018