GSC-100 Release Notes v 1.0.2

GoSilent Client Version 1.0.2

Release Date - May 16, 2018

Overview and Features

This release includes minor bug fixes and updates.

Features include:

  • Connect to WEP Wi-Fi networks.

  • Support for Firefox Quantum web browser.



Known Issues

  • Show OTA download progress.

  • Notification when Internet connection does not allow VPN connection.

  • Improved scanning for available Wi-Fi networks.

  • Notification of successful update after OTA updates.

  • WEP networks now show up properly in available Wi-Fi list.

  • Display browser notification for unsupported resolution and unsupported browsers in a

status bar.
setup.gosilent web application now enforces secure cookies.

Wi-Fi cannot connect to an Apple iPhone or iPad hotspot with an apostrophe in the SSID.

o Work around: Change the name of your iPhone or iPad to a name that only has alphanumeric characters. Instructions can be found

Scanning for Wi-Fi networks will sometimes return the Wi-Fi network you are currently connected to.

o Work around: Click the “refresh wifi” button, and check to see if your Wi-Fi network

appears in the “Wi-Fi Network Name” drop down. Repeat the work around steps if you still do not see your local Wi-Fi network.


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  • 17-May-2018