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Current Calling Plans

Monthly Subscription Plan:

The Monthly Subscription plan is the most current calling plan from Silent Circle. It is a credit based plan where the end user is responsible for maintaining an adequate credit balance to pay for services. It requires registering a credit card and adding credits to the credit balance. Every 30 day billing cycle, the system will deduct the appropriate fees from the balance to pay for services for another 30 day cycle. There are no "minutes" associated with this plan and fees charged for calling to non-silent circle contacts are deducted from the credit balance. For a more in depth explanation, see the following Knowledge Base articles;

Credits and Credit Balance

Monthly Subscription

Silent World (SW100, SW500, SW1000, Silent Circle Mobile):

The Silent World plans, formerly known as the "Out of Circle" plans are legacy plans that still exist. Long time subscribers who have enjoyed these plans, have a registered credit card attached to the account and have selected "auto-renew" will continue to enjoy these calling plans. These plans are also offered as part of package deals as set by our authorized resellers. These plans provide a set number of minutes to be used when calling non-silent circle contacts. For example, a call to your local pizza restaurant for less than a minute, will deduct one minute from your minute balance. Every calendar month, the minutes reset and there is no carry over of unused minutes. SW plans are also used exclusively in our enterprise solution called Silent Manager.

Checking your minute balance

Calls to Silent Circle members

Receiving calls from non-members

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