Apps Crashing in Silent Space

Issue description:

  • Apps are crashing with a "Unfortunately, appname has stopped." In the Silent Space after the update

Root cause :

  • Due to Google compatibility requirements (, starting in Silent OS, a component named “Webview” had to be removed from the Silent Space.
  • The applications using this component during its operation in the Silent Space are crashing.
  • The proposed solutions below help to add the Webview manually to the Silent Space, and hence will enable apps to work properly.


  • two solutions can be applied to fix the issue, both should equally work but option (1) implies losing the data in the silent space:

1.Delete and create again the Silent Space: this will automatically add the necessary components during the Space creation for the apps to work normally
2.Add Manually the “webview” component into the Silent Space – this will be possible only for spaces created before the update (because newly created spaces already have the webview component as described in Option 1):

  •   Switch to your Silent Space (the one that where your apps were crashing in)
  •   Open Security Center
  •   Tap in the Silent Space submenu
  •   Tap in the "APPS" tab
  •   Tap in the "3 dots" floating button
  •   Tap in the "+" button
  •   Select the application named "Android System WebView"
  •   Tap in the "tick" button to confirm


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  • 15-Aug-2017