Silent Phone and Mobile Data

"Silent Phone data usage varies depending on use, but approximate data usage for 10 hours per month would be 270 megabytes, assuming 5 hours of WiFi (~80kb/s) and 5 hours of 3G (~20kb/s).

Below is a breakdown of approximate values:

Connection Audio Video
Using 3G 22 Kb/s 80-515 Kb/s
Using WIFI 80 Kb/s 80-515 Kb/s

Does Silent Phone work on 3G/4G or Wi-Fi? Which is better?

Both work well. There is no difference at all between a strong Wi-Fi signal and a good data connection on a 3G or 4G network.

Please note that if you are using Wi-Fi and lose your signal the call will terminate -- our service does not at this time jump from failing Wi-Fi to 3G/4G automatically.

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  • 26-Jun-2017