Your Silent Phone Number

As a VoIP service provider we acquire a batch of DIDs (direct-inward-dialling phone numbers) among various countries, regions and area codes in order to allow subscribers to use phone numbers that resolve to their accounts. We acquire them based on need; the DIDs we are able to acquire are directly related to our infrastructure and growth.

You will receive a small choice of numbers once you have selected your country and region. Phone numbers are randomly assigned. They vary based on the region you have chosen, and the available phone numbers remaining in any specific batch of DIDs.

* Please note: $9.95 gives you full function of Silent Phone. However, in order to call non-members, you must have credit on your account. Also, there is a monthly fee attached to the purchase of a DID.

Can I make emergency calls with Silent Phone?

Silent Phone cannot be used for emergency calling. The Federal Communications Commission requires wireless service providers to connect emergency calls (i.e. 911) to “Public Safety Answering Points” whether the phone user is one of their subscribers or not. Silent Phone is a software application that operates on your phone; the obligation to connect and make emergency calls falls on your devices’ wireless provider. 

Does Silent Phone have voicemail?

Silent Phone does not have a voice mail feature. Missed calls will be displayed in the call log and as a notification. As an alternative, many customers can use the Voice Memo feature under the Text tab to send voice messages to other subscribers.

Will I lose my regular phone number when I subscribe to Silent Circle? Do I need a separate device?

No. Your regular phone number will continue to work as usual and your Silent Phone number will work alongside your regular number. You can still use your phone as usual for regular calls and Silent Phone for secure calls.