Can Blackphone2 connect to Exchange?

Yes. We recommend using the built-in ActiveSync client. Go to "Settings > + Add Account > Corporate" then enter your domain email address and password. On the next screen choose "Exchange" as the type of account. ActiveSync will then try to connect to the Exchange server. If you encounter problems you may need to manually edit your settings. Consult with your Exchange administrator for the correct details.

Another method is to just start setting up the email client and enter your user name and password, then tap "Manual setup." The next screen will give you three options, the last of which is "Exchange." Just set it up as above.

There is also the Exchange app available in the Google Play Store.

If you are using Spaces, it might be useful to dedicate a space to "work stuff" like this. That way any policy changes ActiveSync or your Exchange server might require will affect the Space only, and you can easily delete the space (and these policy changes) if you desire.

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  • 15-Aug-2017