Silent Phone Overview

Each subscription grants a user one software license. Accordingly, each account receives one Silent Phone username and one phone number. Additional users need separate accounts to communicate.

Silent Phone can be installed on multiples devices and they will all ring simultaneously when called. 

Can I change my Username?

If you want to change your username you will have to sign up for a new account.

Will my Silent Circle account ever be terminated due to non-usage?

Silent Circle may suspend any Silent Circle account that has not been used for six months or more. An activation fee may be charged to reinstate your account. 

What happens when I clear a device from my account?

Since the device is no longer associated with your username, we no longer deliver messages to you on that device.  Additionally, you could set device limits in your account settings to further ensure that devices that are not known to you cannot compromise your communications. Should you decide to reinstall Silent Phone on a previously used device, that device is essentially new to your account. Messages would not be delivered to that device from previous conversations. Only new conversations can be established.