How can we trust you? Does it have backdoors?

We hope our past actions as a management team will speak to our intentions and credibility. Ultimately we are aware this is a trust relationship, and that essentially all security relationships ultimately boil down to some evaluation of trust.

But we also recognize some prospective customers won't be satisfied by that, and in that case it's true that there may be other options on the market which better suit their needs. By participating in peer reviews, by taking the position we have on transparency, and by making ourselves available to customers, the press, and the industry via our corporate communications activities, we hope to be able to answer many questions to your satisfaction.

We can state definitively that we're not aware of any backdoors. We can also state that if we find out about any we will either tell you about them explicitly or otherwise make updates to the phone to remove or remediate them. Read more here.

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  • 21-Aug-2018