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How do I set up Blackphone 2?

Last Updated: Jun 15, 2016 02:10PM UTC
The setup wizard walks you through steps like connecting to Wi-Fi and setting up PIN/password protection, and helps you activate included applications like Silent Phone.


Step 1: Language Selection. First, select the language you want to use. You can also tap Accessibility if you need to enable options like large text display before using your phone. When you've selected the language you want to use, tap Next.

Step 2: Connect to the Internet. In order to complete the Setup Wizard, your Blackphone will need to access the Internet. You can use mobile data for this, but we recommend connecting to a Wi-Fi network for a faster, more reliable connection while your device checks for updates and completes setup. Important Note: You cannot connect to a WPA-enterprise network (PEAP, TTLS, etc) during the setup wizard. To connect to a WPA-enterprise network, wait until you have completed the setup wizard. (For more information, click here.)


To connect to a Wi-Fi network, either select one from the list, or tap "Add hidden network" to add a network with a hidden SSID. Enter the network details and tap Connect. Blackphone 2 includes dual-band W-Fi support to connect to 2.5GHz or 5GHz networks.

If you don't want to connect to a Wi-Fi network and want to complete setup using mobile data, tap Skip.

Step 3: Check for Updates. The setup wizard will automatically check for available updates to your software. This check can take up to five minutes.


Step 4: Adding accounts. Setup wizard helps you add your Google and Silent Circle accounts to the device.


Tap "Next" and you'll be prompted to first add a Google account. The wizard will walk you through entering your email address and password along with managing other settings related to Google. (You can also skip adding a Google account if you wish.)

After you've added (or skipped adding) a Google account, you'll get to set up your Silent Circle account. The precise steps involved will depend on how you received your Blackphone: if you bought your device directly from Silent Circle, a license code may be included with your phone, and you will be asked to log in or create a Silent Circle account. If your device came from your employer or was purchased through a Silent Circle partner, you'll be prompted to enter a Silent Circle license code -- or, if you already have a Silent Circle account, log in with your username and password.


(If you do not have a license code or an existing Silent Circle account, tap "I don't have a license code or account." You won't be able to set up a Silent Circle account at this time, but can complete the rest of the setup wizard and begin using your phone.)


Follow the on-screen cues to complete your Silent Circle account setup. If you already have a Silent Circle account, enter your username and password and tap "LOGIN". If you need to create a Silent Circle account, tap "CREATE NEW ACCOUNT." You can create an account from within the setup wizard.

When your Google and Silent Circle accounts are set up, tap Next to set up a device PIN or password.

Step 5: Set up a PIN or password for your device's screen lock. You'll need to enter this PIN or password to unlock your device when you turn on its display.


Choose a PIN or Password to protect your device. If you decide to use a PIN, Blackphone requires a minimum of 5 digits.

Note: Blackphone automatically encrypts your data by default. When you set a screen lock PIN or Password, it will also become your decryption PIN or Password -- you will enter it when your phone boots up to decrypt your device storage. However, Blackphone also supports setting up separate decryption and screen lock codes. Please see "Encryption Password" in the Silent OS menu for more information.

You can start using your Blackphone immediately. To learn more about Blackphone's Silent OS and its features and settings designed to protect your privacy, click Next to begin a walk-through. Or, use the "Silent OS" menu at the top of the page to jump to topics of interest.

You can also see the Setup Wizard here.
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